Electronic Earnest Money With 

Trust Funds

We understand that the process of depositing earnest money can often be time-consuming and frustrating. That is why we have partnered with TrustFunds to bring you and your Buyer a seamless and hassle-free solution.

With TrustFunds, your Buyer can securely and conveniently deposit their earnest money online, eliminating the need for paper checks and in-person visits to our office.

What sets TrustFunds apart is its ironclad security measures. The funds are fully protected throughout the entire transaction process, giving everyone peace of mind.

In addition to providing the utmost security, TrustFunds also offers a user-friendly interface that makes depositing earnest money a breeze. With just a few clicks, your Buyer can complete their transaction from anywhere!

We look forward to providing you with the most secure and convenient way to deposit earnest money. Please reach out to your trusted Guaranty Closing & Title Services contact to learn how to get started.