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Title insurance may seem like a small detail amidst the chaos of selling a home, but it’s a crucial step. No homebuyer wants to inherit existing debts or legal issues that could interfere with their property rights going forward. After all, a home is often the single largest investment a person makes in their life.

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Working with efficiency and accuracy, we ensure all title work is prepared expertly. Whether you’re a homebuyer, real estate professional, lender, or attorney, we find and resolve potential problems or threats so everyone can close confidently. Our team is always available to provide support whenever you need it and answer any questions you have.

What is Title Insurance?

When you buy, sell, refinance or build your dream home, you need title insurance to protect your investment. There are two different types.

An owner’s policy protects your property rights for as long as you or your heirs own the home. Costly hidden problems may come up after the title search—such as forgery, fraud or clerical errors. Owner’s title insurance is the best protection from incurring expenses or losing your property.

A lender’s policy is usually required by the lender in the transaction, and it only serves to protect the lender’s financial interests. The buyer typically pays for the policy, but this varies geographically.

What does Title Insurance cost?

Cost varies and depends on the amount of coverage required and the type of policy being requested—for a sale, new construction, refinance, or second mortgage. For homebuyers the cost is typically 0.5% of the home’s purchase price. At Guaranty Closing & Title Services, we have competitive rates and offer reissue rates, abstract surrender credit, and substitution rates on any title company’s prior policy or abstract.

Why get it?

Over 80% of properties are bought or sold with title insurance to provide both parties confidence at closing.

Reduce Risk:
Hidden issues may come to light only after purchasing your home, such as an outstanding judgment or a lien against the property. Title insurance protects you from unforeseen title discrepancies.

Low Cost:
An owner’s policy is a one-time fee that’s very low compared to the value of your home and the protection it provides.

Cover Your Heirs:
As long as you or your heirs own the home, your owner’s policy protects your property rights.

Gain Peace of Mind:
With an owner’s policy, you’re protected from inheriting possible debts or legal problems once you’ve closed on the home.

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