Friendly support. Local expertise. Experience the difference.

At Guaranty Closing & Title Services, our job is to protect the past to secure the future.
Providing quality products and responsive support is a commitment we take seriously. Here, your peace of mind is priority number one. We personalize every interaction to give you confidence at every step of the closing process. In the end, we look forward to celebrating with you!

Why local know-how helps eliminate risk.
Research is a critical part of the title search process. If an issue goes unnoticed, your title insurance won’t provide complete coverage, leaving you at risk. Unfortunately, there is a growing movement to use national, out-of-state or even offshore research resources. Since there is no such thing as standardized filing methods at local courthouses, knowing where to look—and what to look for—requires local knowledge and expertise.

With offices across Northeastern Wisconsin and deep knowledge of each county and community, our clients know that complex processes are handled with integrity and everyone is positioned for success. Here, we’re not afraid to dive into complicated situations to find and resolve problems or threats. After all, we’re protecting the places we call home, too.

We value what a closing means to you.
Peace of mind about your investment is achieved only when everything is done right. We work diligently, paying attention to every detail to ensure no unforeseen issues lie ahead. A closing is often a very different experience for everyone involved, and every emotion must be monitored whether it’s joyful, stressful, anxious—even solemn. We are experts at “reading the room” to ensure the process is an enjoyable experience for every party involved.

Tap our expertise at any time.
We’re firm believers that personalized interactions build lasting relationships. We’re your advocate throughout the closing and title process, providing proactive and caring support. Using terminology you will understand, we’ll explain everything and equip you with the tools and knowledge to succeed. Since questions can arise at any time, know that we’re available at any time to get the job done right.