Letter Reports

What are Letter Reports?

A brief report summarizing the documents that are recorded in the register of deeds and other offices concerning a piece of property from the time an owner takes ownership of the property through the current date.

Why are Letter Reports/Title Reports Important?

Ordering a title report gives you the information you needĀ to avoid significant unforeseen costs and resolve any issues that a title policy might exclude. There are many scenarios when ordering a title report is recommended:

  • Buying a home, land or other property
  • Establishing a transfer of death deed in conjunction with estate planning
  • Buying or bidding on homes at foreclosure/sheriff sales
  • Business expansion and/or buying adjacent land

Our Services

Title Insurance

Buying a residential or commercial property? Protect your investment with title insurance.

Search Packages

We offer search packages for recorded instruments that affect the title of a particular property.

Construction Disbursements

Disbursements made during the construction process to cover construction or remodeling costs.

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