We ensure timely and secure construction disbursements.

There are many details for a buyer to manage when building or remodeling a home. Paying the contractors as work is being done is one of those critical details—which is where construction disbursements come into play.

What are Construction Disbursements?

Construction loans (such as a loan for building or renovating a home) include many risks. Because of this, most lending institutions work with title companies to make disbursements at agreed upon points during the construction process to pay for the work as it’s being done.

Requesting disbursements from the lending institution is a complicated process. Each approved disbursement affects the title insurance loan policy and must be reported to the title company.

Guiding buyers through complex requirements.

Guaranty Closing and Title Services manages the entire disbursement process for you, easing your workload when building or renovating. We administer all types of residential and commercial construction escrows, ensuring money is being distributed safely and in accordance with the terms of the construction escrow agreement.

But we do much more than just collect lien waivers. From beginning to end, we take time to explain the process and answer every question you have. Known for our professional approach and dedication to excellence, we ensure everything is delivered with speed and accuracy. And most of all, you’ll always receive an unrivaled level of care and support.

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A streamlined process for lenders, builders and developers.

By combining our expertise with leading technology, we have made the title, closing and draw process seamless. Our progressive, efficient ordering and reporting systems promote rapid response at every level. By providing you a single point of contact we’re easily accessible and there when you need us. Everything results in less stressful closings, happier customers and getting draws funded in days not weeks.

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