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There are many critical steps to purchasing a home, and title insurance is one of them. Learn about title insurance for buyers and why you need it—and we’ll even contact your real estate agent for you to get the process moving.

Title Insurance For Buyers: What You Need to Know

Purchasing title insurance allows title professionals to identify and resolve such issues before closing, as well as protect the property from title defects that were undetected in the initial title search.

Title insurance for buyers is a one-time cost that protects you for as long as you own the property, making it an essential investment when purchasing a property.

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Make sure all of your clients are protected You’re a real estate agent, so you know that buying a home can be overwhelming for many of your clients. Homebuyers can easily feel confused and frustrated by the mounds of paperwork they have to sign. Plus, all the fees...

How Title Insurance Protects All Homebuyers

Whether you’re purchasing a new or existing home, or refinancing, title insurance protects you against any problems affecting the title to your home.   The Basics There are two types of title insurance: the owner’s policy and the lender’s policy. The owner’s policy...

The FAQs of Title Insurance for Homebuyers

For most of us, a home is the largest investment we’ll make in our lives. To buy with confidence, get owner’s title insurance. It’s the smart way to protect your property from legal claims. To help you understand how owner’s title insurance works, here are answers to...

Closing Time: 6 Steps Every Homebuyer Should Expect

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7 Reasons Why Every Homebuyer Needs Owner’s Title Insurance

Buying a home is an exciting and emotional time for many people. To help you buy your home with more confidence, make sure you get owner’s title insurance. Here’s why it’s so important for you.   1.    Protects Your Largest Investment A home is probably the single...

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