Your real estate transaction is one of the most important financial decisions you will make.
Protect it when you partner with us.

Buying or selling a property can be stressful—balancing the property search time with your current responsibilities, uncertainties in the process, overwhelming and complex paperwork, and unresponsive people. Whether you’re working with a real estate agent, attorney or it’s a For Sale By Owner, we’re there to provide assistance at every step of the closing and title process. We work as your advocate, answering questions and solving problems.

When you work with us, rely on accurate and efficient delivery—providing complete property history and detailed document preparation. We’re experts in the locations we serve, and alert you if there are important issues that could affect the property in the years ahead, based on your municipality and neighborhood.

Friendly, helpful, accessible

We welcome your phone calls and emails, readily available to help when you have a question or concern. We’ll walk you through the paperwork so you understand exactly what you’re signing and why. Eliminate hidden surprises and feel confident in your purchase decision.

Close with confidence

The paperwork we prepare is compliant and accurate to remove any potential security risks. You’ll walk away feeling confident and in control.

Protecting newly built homes.

If constructing or buying a newly built home, you may think you’re the first property owner. But most likely there were many prior owners of the unimproved land. Or subcontractors and suppliers may have placed a lien on the property if a builder failed to pay. A title search uncovers any existing liens and a survey determines the boundaries of the property you’re purchasing.

Since your lender wants to be sure the property has clear title, they will require that a Lender Policy of Title Insurance be purchased. But this only protects the lender. If you purchase an Owner’s Policy, we’ll find and resolve any hidden issues so there are no threats to your title and ownership at the time of closing.