Title insurance protects more than property. It’s about protecting families—because past errors or hidden problems shouldn’t jeopardize your investment going forward. We protect the integrity of every closing transaction so you have confidence from the moment a title search is conducted to when the final papers are signed.

As a full-service agency for all parties including real estate agents, lenders, buyers and sellers, attorneys, builders, and property investors, we understand the concerns of each party, and tailor our services to meet individual needs. Because a closing is only successful when everyone has peace of mind and can celebrate this important milestone.

We understand that every closing is just the beginning

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Comprehensive service offerings from title through closing.

Local teams. Local knowledge. Unrivaled expertise.

Community knowledge is critical for accurately assessing every title detail. Each municipality has its own unique nuances, courthouse filing systems, and specific neighborhoods may have important issues that could affect the property in the years ahead. True local knowledge comes from years of experience and sharing data with our team members. Our offices are staffed with experts who have a wealth of knowledge about each property location to ensure accuracy at every step. View our service areas

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Support throughout the process.

Closings are the result of weeks and months of hard work for everyone. We are available to provide the support and products you need to ensure all the details are covered. We answer our calls personally, and are available outside of office hours via text, email and phone, so you can get the information you need quickly and move forward.

Giving you clarity and peace of mind.

A closing is about more than the property—it’s about the people involved. We know that real estate transactions are complicated, and the closing process can be intimidating. We take the time to explain paperwork and answer every question in terms you will understand, so every party leaves reassured by the process.